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Ball Pit

World’s Largest Adult Ball Pit!

Invasion Group like to do things a little bit differently. So as a thank you to the amazing hard-working team, the company decided to transform the Invasion offices into the World’s Largest Adult Ball Pit for the day with the help of What Marketing.

Co-founder of Invasion Group (which also includes AmeriCamp and Camp Thailand) Lee McAteer met with Andrew from Ball Mania and the idea to turn the Invasion offices into the world’s largest adult ball pit then came alive through the amazing guys at What Marketing. Even fellow co-founder Nick Steiert knew nothing about it (check out his dive on the video into the office – legendary).

With a lot of the team going abroad to work on the legendary AmeriCamp and Camp Thailand programs abroad we wanted to reward everyone with a huge thank you.

To see the reactions of all staff was priceless. Best Bosses ever? You decide!

Arriving at 3am in the morning the team worked together to convert the 3700 square foot office into the world’s largest ball pit. Taking 5 hours to set up, the What Marketing team hid a series of cameras ready for when staff arrived. To say we all had fun was an understatement. Finishing at 6pm it took nearly 8 hours to put all the balls away… a ball ache you might say! But well worth it.

Lee McAteer said, “Here at Invasion Group we treat people how we want to be treated and if you love what you do then you never work a day in your life. If you say to people your company is different you have to back it up”.

Fellow Invasion co-founder Nick Steiert stated, “I opened my office door thinking it was a regular day to then see thousands of balls. So thought let’s jump right in. I had no idea about any of it still laughing about it now.”