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We Bought An Island!

Not content with offering trips-of-a-lifetime across South East Asia, North America and Europe, Invasion Camp Group co-founders Lee McAteer and Nick Steiert have now bought their own island.

Teaming up with LetsBuyAnIsland.com, a whole host of investors have come together to create the ultimate AirBNB in Coffee Caye, Belize.

Over 50 investors have signed up so far, and more investment is being sought out as the project evolves to become bigger and better.

Speaking upon confirmation of Invasion’s ownership, Lee said, “We’re absolutely delighted that the ambition of owning our own private island has now become a reality. Strictly speaking, this means we could even have our own Olympic team and I’ve always fancied myself as a 100-metre runner! Jokes aside on behalf of Invasion Camp Group we are delighted to be teaming up with such great people and looking forward to the next steps as we embark on this incredible adventure.”

Nick added: “I just can’t wait to visit! This has shown that anything is possible if enough people to come together with a common goal. It’s not just the buying of the island, but the incredible people we have met along the way. What our colleagues have done is incredible in making this happen. We look forward to developing the island into an über exclusive rental property!

Lee McAteer and Nick Steiert buy a private island

“With a proven track record of being innovators across the travel sector, this fits in perfectly with the ethos and ambitions of Invasion Camp Group.”

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a national anthem to write and next summer’s Olympics to train for. Those Artistic Aquatics gold medals aren’t going to win themselves.

Find out more about LetsBuyAnIsland.com HERE.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting project, please check out LetsBuyAnIsland.com or email info@invasion.com.