We specialise in providing unforgettable experiences. Whether that involves visiting Europe’s hottest cultural sites and cities, volunteering in South Africa, partying in Ibiza, working at an American summer Camp or teaching in Thailand, succumb to an assault of the senses, a barrage of global beauty in some of the most serene locations.

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With a range of outdoor pursuits in amongst incredible settings, Camp Vietnam is the definitive travel experience for adventurers. Whether you’re exploring the two thousand islands of Halong bay, one of the world’s Seven Wonders, admiring panoramic views atop the country’s many mountain ranges or climbing picturesque waterfalls, Vietnam has the capacity to blow you…

£949 / per person

Who hasn’t dreamed of leaving reality behind and living the laid-back island life? Camp Maldives is the perfect way to experience the island lifestyle in one of the most tranquil hotspots in the world… Set in amongst serene surroundings, nestled in a heavenly hub within the Indian Ocean, Camp Maldives participants are treated to a…

£1449 / per person

Camp Cambodia specialises in providing the ultimate Summer of a Lifetime, whilst making a huge difference to the local children and elephants of Cambodia; fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a rollercoaster ride into a hotbed of culture.

£1099 / per person

Here at Camp Bali, we turn your Bali dream into an exciting reality by not only offering incredible experiences, but moments that last a lifetime and friends that will be with you forever.

£1099 / per person

Camp Castaway Philippines offers the perfect travel opportunity and Castaway Experience, combining the best that The Philippines has to offer. Famous for hidden beaches and untouched paradise, this really is the ultimate playground for any adventurer; spend your days making a difference to local Island communities, snorkelling in pristine waters and exploring endless lagoons and…

£999 / per person

Dive into an array of conservation projects and help the delightful local community. With the opportunity to taste delicious local cuisine and the chance to learn how to speak Sri Lankan, this is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.

£780 / per person

Soar to the skies and scour the wonders of Africa, the definitive land of exploration; a scintillating, swashbuckling rollercoaster ride into the wild. Camp South Africa has three amazing programs, all of which we cannot wait to show you and get you involved with!

£920 / per person