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Special Needs Camp

Five Reasons You Have to Work at a Special Needs Camp This Summer!

All across the USA there are loads of Summer Camps that work with adults and children with special needs. Working at a special needs Camp will be one of the best experiences of your life; they aren’t all that different from traditional Camps! Find the idea of special needs Camp a bit daunting? Here’s five reasons why you’ll absolutely love your Summer working there!

1 – You’ll Push Yourself at a Special Needs Camp

All Summer Camps are hard work and you’re going to have long days packed full of activities. It is the best feeling in the world when you encourage one of your Campers to run into the lake for the first time; or when you cheer on your cabin during the sprinting competition at the Special Olympics. Yes, you might get woken up at 5am to help someone go to the bathroom – but the next day when they make you a friendship bracelet makes it all the better!

2 – Your Dancing Will Improve

Camp discos are legendary – you will dance to the YMCA more times than you think possible and Dad-dance like there’s no tomorrow! For a lot of the Campers this is as close as they’re going to get to a nightclub and they absolutely love it. Making a fool of yourself and rocking out with your cabin to ABBA is easily the best way to spend an evening on Camp!

3 – Unconditional Love

Your Campers will look up to you and the bonds you’ll make with them are magical. People are literally smiling all the time and the Campers will become your best friends. You’ll learn about every quirk that they have and quickly love them for it. When check-out day comes around you’ll struggle to say goodbye; especially when they all ask, “are you coming back next year?”

4 – The Camp Fam

Even on the toughest days you will be surrounded by other counsellors from around the world who know exactly what you’re going through. There’s never a sense of being alone and the support system is fantastic. The Camp Fam will be your shoulder to cry on, your hug in the morning and the reason you laugh so much. Everyone looks out for one another and makes sure every day is a good day – bad days are banned on Camp!

5 – You’ll Never be the Same Again

Camp will change you – whether that means you wake up for work earlier, you become more organised or you just appreciate all that you have more. You will quickly learn that it’s what’s on the inside that counts and you don’t need much else to be happy. It’s truly humbling to know the difference you have made to your Campers’ lives – you’ll be scrolling through all of your pictures on Instagram for months to come.