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Nick Steiert

Manchester Magnate Nick Steiert Invades Deansgate

Invasion Camp Group co-founder Nick Steiert has took to the stage, where he gave a rousing speech to an ensemble of aspiring entrepreneurial wannabes at an event arranged by Yena.

Manchester-based Yena are an established network for aspiring entrepreneurs, many of whom aspire to hit the heights reached by Steiert and his business partner Lee McAteer.

A hoard of budding businesspeople assembled at Lock 91 in the Deansgate area of Manchester City Centre, to hear how Steiert transformed a passion for partying and thirst for travel into a prosperous business venture and to heed his advice on how to make their own transition into the competitive business domain.

A product of Leeds’ ever-burgeoning student population, Steiert completed a Law degree at the University of Leeds, with a view to beginning a career in the legal sector; in a twist of fate, he shelved his intentions to seek a career as a Lawyer, rather forming Invasion Camp Group alongside Lee McAteer, whom he met during his studies.

Since the formation of the Invasion Camp Group, the pair have enjoyed a series of successes; thousands of applicants have attended Camps in countries such as America, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa and Vietnam. Moreover, the company also offers weekend breaks for groups to cities including Amsterdam, Prague and Budapest, with participants exploring their chosen city by day, before Invading the local nightlife with a guided tour around the best bars and nightclubs that their location has to offer.

Reflecting on his laudable rise within his trade, Steiert mused: “If anyone would’ve said to me when I was younger, ‘Nick, one day, you’ll be the co-founder of your own travel company’, then there’s no way I would’ve believed them; the evolution of the internet hasn’t only changed the home entertainment industry with platforms such as Netflix replacing historical brands such as of Blockbuster Video, it’s also significantly changed the travel industry and allowed people to set up their own businesses from their bedroom – it’s been great being able to offer a service that allows people to broaden their horizons and experience new countries.”

With even more ventures in the pipeline, including a new gap-year venture and a Camp for the older demographic, alongside current brand Wrestling Travel that has recently caught the attention of the BBC, 2018 promises to be an exciting, exhilarating chapter in Invasion Camp Group’s tumultuous tale.