AmeriCamp’s Camp Fair an Incredible Success

January 22nd, 2018

With over five-hundred people attending and over five-hundred cheeseburgers bought, the Summer Camp Fair sector has changed forever…

Hoards of travel-hungry students descended on AmeriCamp HQ for the company’s Camp Fair, as they sought to satisfy their appetite for adventure.

Nestled along the ripples of the neighbouring River Irwell, the company’s Salford hub is an experience in itself, garnished with memorabilia from iconic movies such as Star Wars and Monsters Inc.

Camp Fair

Under the watchful gaze of a life-size Darth Maul replica, applicants entered the company’s urban playground fixated on securing their place at a Summer Camp in America for the forthcoming 2018 intake; with added attractions such as the now-famous adult ball-pit making an appearance, attendees were given the opportunity to make their visit particularly memorable.

Each representative of AmeriCamp present at the Fair had previously attended Camp as an applicant; staff were consistently on hand for applicants who needed in-depth, tailored advice in accordance to their individual requirements, an engaging feature of the Camp Fair that distinguished the event from that of its competitors.

With fifteen Camp directors flying in from America and present at the event, attendees were provided with the opportunity to gain an insight into a diverse selection of Camps from across several states; with almost one hundred aspiring program participants hired on the spot, the event was a resounding success.

Lee McAteer, co-founder of Invasion Camp Group said: “Our Camp Fair in Manchester has changed the sector forever. No longer do people have to wait for hours on end to be seen by staff; with free McDonalds, free candy and of course free biscuits, we treat people how we want to be treated. Plus, let’s be honest, no experience is complete without a celebratory dive into a ball pit! Facebook have also recognized us as the market leader, by recently giving us that famous blue tick – we aren’t only changing the game, but the game has now changed to the point where everyone wants to see what we will do next.”

McAteer and fellow co-founder Nick Steiert, both of whom were in attendance at the event, temporarily swapped their roles as entrepreneurial businessmen, donned their finest varsity jackets and dispensed complimentary McDonald’s to bring the curtain down on yet another memorable occasion for the company; to say that everyone who attended were ‘Lovin’ It’ would be somewhat of an understatement.