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Let’s buy an Island!

Invasion Camp Group co-founders Lee McAteer and Nick Steiert want to buy an island!

Teaming up with LetsBuyAnIsland.com, a whole host of investors are coming together to create the ultimate AirBNB and you too can be involved!

LetsBuyAnIsland.com is the world’s first crowdfunded private island with over 50 investors having signed up so far.

Lee said: ” I fell in love with the project right away – we have the chance to create the world’s most exclusive AirBnB whilst meeting like-minded individuals meaning there is great networking and a strong community feel.”

“I’m really excited to see how far this will go. This is the real deal with funds already raised with transparency and clarity.”

Nick added:

“This is a great extension to Invasion Camp Group. The opportunity to be part of something so special is beyond exciting.”

“Let’s be honest who doesn’t want to own their own island? Now we can help make this possible and you don’t have to be a billionaire to be involved either.”

“With a proven track record of being innovators across the travel sector this fits in perfectly with the ethos and ambitions of Invasion Camp Group.”

Find out more about LetsBuyAnIsland.com HERE.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting project, please check out LetsBuyAnIsland.com or email info@invasion.com.