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Is Camp Thailand Safe?

Is Camp Thailand Safe?

For anyone considering embarking on an Asian adventure, there is the understandable doubt that can sometimes have a tendency to creep into the minds of parents and guardians leading to the overriding question during the application process: “Is Camp Thailand safe?”

In simple terms, we’ve devoted consummate time and effort to being able to answer this query with a resounding “yes” when people ask themselves and others, “Is Camp Thailand safe?”; we strive to offer sincere assurances for everyone affiliated with the Camp Thailand program that participants will be heading to Asia wrapped in a figurative blanket of safety and security.

Is Camp Thailand Safe?

Is Camp Thailand Safe?


Irrespective of which Camp our applicants choose to apply for, the entirety of the Camp Thailand team whom accompany the intake are experts in the field and are not only dedicated to helping the group in their pursuit of incredible memories, but are also provided with in-depth instructions as to how to keep the Camp Thailand participants safe during their visit.

While we offer a range of options for a memorable Thailand trip: The popular Camp Phuket, cultural Camp Chiang Mai and mesmerising Camp Elephant, the answer to the question “Is Camp Thailand Safe?” is consistent across all three of our spellbinding adventures; participants are given overriding on-the-ground support throughout their trip and have the opportunity to seek further support if required, with a dedicated in-house team available at our Manchester-based HQ should the need for further support arise.

A huge draw for many of our Camp Thailand applicants each year is a trip to elephant conservation centres, during which time they care for and help some of the most majestic creatures on the planet. Understandably, questions are asked by parents and guardians seeking clarity with regards to the element of risk affiliated with the visits.

Camp Thailand are passionate about ensuring that we visit facilities whereby elephants are treated ethically, herein reducing the element of risk due to massively decreased angst and anxiety inflicted on the animals, in comparison to some of the less humane establishments that unfortunately exist throughout the world.

Moreover, prior to departure each member of the intake will be advised as to which immunisations will be needed to protect them during their time in Thailand.