We specialise in providing unforgettable experiences. Whether that involves visiting Europe’s hottest cultural sites and cities, volunteering in South Africa, partying in Ibiza, working at an American summer Camp or teaching in Thailand, succumb to an assault of the senses, a barrage of global beauty in some of the most serene locations.

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North America

Pursue Your Dream Summer in The Land of Opportunity...

Soar to the States for your fix of fun with AmeriCamp! Whether you’re coaching netball in New York, tennis in Texas or water sports in Wisconsin, once the stranglehold of Camp life takes hold, it’s tough to resist the temptation!

With a range of incredible roles available at some of America’s most-celebrated Camps, we continue to satisfy the wishes of thousands of applicants each year. Coach a range of sports and activities as a Sports Counsellor, supervise Campers and provide essential in-Camp assistance as a General Camp Counsellor or even embrace a role as a Special Needs Counsellor.

Rather take on a less ‘hands-on’ approach? Our Support Roles offer the amazing opportunity to take a step back from the limelight, while still experiencing Camp lifestyle.

Embark on an enviable post-Camp adventure and experience some of the most iconic sites in America, including luminous Las Vegas, magical Manhattan and fun-filled Florida! The possibilities are endless with AmeriCamp – we even hold a captivating trip to cap-off your travels in New York City, home to our famous New York After Party!

Crowned Best Summer Camp Organisation seven years in succession, AmeriCamp has established itself as the King of UK-based Camp companies in recent years; we’re devoted to the delivery, and execution of, your Summer of a Lifetime. Meet friends for life and inject a sense of excitement amongst Campers during your sun-kissed Summer with AmeriCamp!

Turn your Canadian dream into a reality with AmeriCamp Canada! Earn up to $1900 CAD working at fun-filled Camps in amongst a tranquil Canadian backdrop and experience an adventure bigger than Niagara Falls.

Secure your dream role at one of Canada’s stunning Camps this Summer; oversee the safety of Campers and arrange activities in the quintessential role of General Camp Counsellor, show off your specialist skills in the role of Activities Counsellor, seal your spot as one of our devoted Special Needs Counsellors, or experience Camp lifestyle in a less practical, yet equally important role of Support Staff.

Following Camp, gather your newfound group of friends and prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride through one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.