We specialise in providing unforgettable experiences. Whether that involves visiting Europe’s hottest cultural sites and cities, volunteering in South Africa, partying in Ibiza, working at an American summer Camp or teaching in Thailand, succumb to an assault of the senses, a barrage of global beauty in some of the most serene locations.

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Summer Camp Canada Review Here’s my Summer Camp Canada Review – I hope you enjoy reading it! This year, I went to Canada and experienced what I can only describe as a Summer of a Lifetime! – I applied for AmeriCamp Canada as I had previously been to AmeriCamp and decided that I wanted to visit Canada; there were people at Camp who had been to Canada and I was desperate to experience it or myself. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at AmeriCamp Canada – it was

Hi guys! :) This Summer, I signed up for AmeriCamp and headed to America for my Summer of a Life; nothing could've prepared me for what I was about to experience! In fact, my Summer was so enjoyable, when I came home, I decided to write a contribution for the Summer Camp in America Reviews. I'd wanted to sign up for AmeriCamp for AGES! America has always been a country that has fascinated me - it was such a memorable experience and

Summer Camp in America Review Hi! Here's my Summer Camp in America Review - enjoy! During the Summer, I travelled to America and experienced what I can only describe as an American Dream! I decided to apply for AmeriCamp as I had always wanted to visit America since being young; it was a truly memorable experience and I couldn't recommend the program enough! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at AmeriCamp - it was awesome. Everyday I was socialising, coaching my specialist sports and

Young adventurers are continuing to travel to luxurious holiday locations in search of an idyllic getaway - a Summer of a Lifetime jam-packed with excitement and subsequent memories. Prior to securing their place on their dream trip, it's not unusual for travellers to research the location and read testimonials from fellow travellers, similar to these Summer Camp Thailand Reviews. Camp Thailand are devoted to delivering extraordinary trips to stunning locations in Asia, with Camps in Phuket, Chiang Mai and our latest trip devoted

It is the ongoing trend in contemporary society for a fleet of young travellers to leave home and head to eye-catching locations, to begin a Summer of a Lifetime in amongst sunshine, excitement and culture. Before reaching the stage of strapping on their seatbelt after boarding the plane and embarking into the wilderness, it is common practice for travellers to undertake a period research about their eventual destination. Documents such as the Summer Camp Thailand Review are a great way

Hi! I’m Melissa, and I’ve just returned from the best Summer of my life, at Eden Village Camp in New York State, where I worked as a music specialist. When going through the AmeriCamp application, you’re prompted to choose between two main roles- either support staff, or a Camp counsellor. As the majority of applicants do, I applied to be a Camp counsellor. I was good with kids, I had picked up various relevant skills in my time as a Scout, doing my Duke

All across the USA there are loads of Summer Camps that work with adults and children with special needs. Working at a special needs Camp will be one of the best experiences of your life; they aren’t all that different from traditional Camps! Find the idea of special needs Camp a bit daunting? Here’s five reasons why you’ll absolutely love your Summer working there! 1 – You’ll Push Yourself at a Special Needs Camp All Summer Camps are hard work and you’re