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About Camp South Africa

Beautiful South Africa

South Africa, there is no place quite like it. It’s scenery combined with incredible wildlife is a combination that everyone must see at least once in their lifetime.

Although improvements have been made in many of South Africa’s institutions, it’s education system is unfortunately still lacking in many areas and this is most clear to see within South Africa’s Townships and Northern Areas. Despite improvements to the national curriculum, sport is still not included within it. As a result of this, sport during the school day has become a priviledge only given to those attending what are known as Former Model C schools, and thus is not available to children within these communities.

Whether it be helping them learn English, Maths or aiding in sporting activities, this is where Camp South Africa comes in and helps make Nelson Mandela’s dreams of every child receiving some sort of coaching become a reality.



Camp South Africa – What Does It Involve?

We offer applicants the chance to join us in this incredible country and coach sports such as;

–       Netball

–       Football

–       Rugby

–       Cricket

–       Swimming (Summer months only)

–       Tennis

–       Field Hockey

Applicants will be working in schools from Monday to Friday, coaching, organizing tournaments, and even teaching children how to play in teams and get everyone involved in the game. Applicants play a direct role in helping a child be selected for the Junior School of Excellence programme, which is run entirely by the amazing partner charity we support down in Port Elizabeth. You can even bring your own equipment from home; anything that you think will make these sessions even more enjoyable.

Not too sporty? We always need volunteers to help teach English and Maths in the schools.  There is even the chance to get involved in other subjects such as Drama, Geography or any other specialist subject you have experience in, meaning you can bring even more skills and experience to the classroom!


Camp is a great balance of work and fun. Evenings and weekends are yours to explore and do as you please; grab a surf lesson at the beach, road trip along the Garden Route or have a go on a bungee swing!

Our intakes run all year round, meaning it’s not just a Summer project. Check out the dates available

Our Legacy

Sport as a normal part of the school week may be something that we take for granted here in the UK, but is not a normality for these children. By bringing sport to schools in South Africa, not only does it give these children a break from the monotony of the classroom and a chance to freely enjoy themselves within a safe environment, but it encourages their confidence to grow and teaches them skills that open brand new doors to opportunity in their further education.

We at Camp South Africa want to support the movement to help make sport a normal part of every child’s curriculum, no matter what type of school they attend or where. There is no greater feeling than seeing one of the children you have been coaching getting selected for a scholarship at a high level secondary school thanks to your support. You really can go home knowing you have truly made a difference in a child’s life.

So, if you want to do something truly inspiring that will leave an ever lasting affect on the people of South Africa in an outstanding location, then add Camp South Africa to your bucket list now. You will not regret it!



Programme Information


Our sports coaching project is our main and most popular project. As Nelson Mandela said ‘Sport has the power to change the world… Sport can create hope’, and this message has inspired Camp South Africa. The children in South Africa’s townships do not get the opportunity to play sport within their school day due to low funding and resources, and this is where you come in!

If you are wanting to do some academic teaching/tutoring alongside your coaching project then please see the next tab along.


-Coaching takes place from Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

-On a normal day, you will leave the accommodation at about 8:30am and return at about 5:00pm. We say ‘on a normal day’ because as you will quickly find out, the way of life in South Africa is very relaxed and plans often change, so you may get a few half days off here and there!

-Participants will coach in three different schools a day for about an hour and a half at each, and you will be transported to and from each by the team in South Africa.

The Coaching 

Depending on the number of coaches there at the same time, you will usually be coaching in groups of twos or threes. A usual session will start with a fun warm up (including games and fun competitions), develop into some skill development exercises, maybe a small match or two and most likely end with lots of singing and dancing and maybe the odd Xhosa lesson (this is where the children will teach you!).

Coaching in this project relies on having a relaxed attitude and being able to improvise. The levels and quantities of equipment out there can be very limited, so you may have to use rocks instead of cones, but that’s all part of the fun.


The Children

You will be coaching children ranging from 8-14 years of age, sometimes in the same class (as the classes are very mixed) with a mixture of boys and girls (depending on what sports you coach, with more girls in netball and more boys in rugby). Nearly all of the children have a very basic level of English, but you will have to improvise in how you explain things, with lots of demonstrations.

The abilities of the children you coach will be very varied depending on the school you are in and the sport you are coaching. Those coaching football often find the boys are quite skilled due to their sheer love of the sport. However, those coaching sports such as Netball and Hockey may find themselves coaching complete beginners.



Our Teaching project can be done alongside a sports coaching project, or by itself. Many of our sports coaches choose to teach 1-2 days a week and coach the others. However, for those wanting to make a difference in the South African townships, but not interested in sports, this is the perfect way to do so.

Camp South Africa works with two main schools in the Townships, a normal primary school and a school for those with special needs such as a mental or physical disability.

Participants will mainly be involved in tutoring Maths and English to slow and fast learning children in grades 4, 5, 6 and 7. However, some participants may get the chance to teach a whole class of children, either by themselves or alongside other volunteers. As levels of education do not stay within strict grade guidelines in South Africa, as in other countries, it’s important all volunteers are proactive, flexible and adaptable. All the students within the schools we work with have workbooks with set assignments in, so teachers are not expected to come up with materials to teach, just help the children with their already existing assignments.



-Teaching takes place Monday-Friday 9:00am-1:30pm.

-On a normal day, you will leave the accommodation at about 8:30am and return at about 2:30pm. We say ‘on a normal day’ because as you will quickly find out, the way of life in South Africa is very relaxed and plans often change, so you may end up only doing half a day.

-Teachers will usually stay in the same school for the day, and alternate the schools during the week. However, volunteers can choose which school they prefer if wanted.

-Due to the varying amount of children that may need extra help each day, teachers often volunteer for slightly fewer hours than coaches.

The Children

You will be teaching children ranging from 8-14 years of age, sometimes in the same class (as the classes are very mixed) with a mixture of boys and girls. As mentioned above, the reasons for these children needing some extra tuition is extremely varied. Some children need help as they are falling behind in the important subjects of Maths and English, whilst others need some extra tuition as they are ahead in their classes and this is to be encouraged. Nearly all of the you will be teaching will have a very basic level of English. However, you will need to use your creativity in coming up with new simplified ways of explaining things (remember you’re first french lessons? Confusing right?!).

One key thing to remember is that Maths and English doesn’t have to be boring. Although teaching will involve a lot less running around than sports coaching, this does not mean it will involve any less dancing! As you are spending more time in the same place than the coaches, many teachers find they create stronger bonds with the children and this is definitely shown in the amount of letters and cards they leave with.



As a participant on the Camp South Africa programme, you play a crucial part in the development of the children who attend the schools we visit within the Port Elizabeth area, but did you know that, in effect, you actually become a sports scout?

Read below for more information on the Junior School of Excellence (Siyakhula) programme offered in partnership with the charity we support, United Through Sport.


The Junior School of Excellence (JSE) Programme is based at Isaac Booi in Zwide, and relies on the recommendation of both Camp South Africa volunteers and school staff to select children from within the wider community to invite them to attend an after-school activity programme to further their sporting or academic ability.

How does it work?

Most of the children are selected from within our established Mass Participation Program (MPP), which is what you as a Camp South Africa participant will be helping to facilitate at schools during your time at Camp.

Children for the Junior School of Excellence Program are initially identified for their sporting ability and dedication to the MP program. Their school reports, attendance and academic ability are reviewed to assess their work ethic and home visits are conducted to measure parental / guardian support for the programme and to gauge an understanding of the financial situation of the family. The main criteria, however, to determine participation is the child’s determination to succeed and commitment and desire to take part in such an opportunity.

From this process, an initial number of children are selected to partake in the program, all of whom are within their final year of primary school (grade 7).

The Programme

Once in the programme, the children are expected to attend daily after school activities which continue to nurture their sporting ability as well as develop them further by providing extra life skills sessions, personal mentoring and academic support.

The sports teams from the Junior School of Excellence compete at the highest level with many of the top well resourced schools in the area and the country and for many of our children this is their first taste of top level competition against children from various cultural backgrounds and for many marks the beginning for them broadening their horizons to the possibilities and opportunities for them in the new South Africa.

During their year at the Junior School of Excellence the children have the opportunity of being coached by top provincial sports coaches, compete against top opposition, be mentored and nurtured by high level academic support and interact with various role models from South Africa and internationally, which all contribute to an all-round personal development experience.

The Goal

Importantly, over the year that the children are within the program, they are developed holistically yet with a specific focus on their sporting ability. Once graduated from the program, as many children as possible are placed at former model c schools for their high school career (from grade 8 to 12) as part of the Senior School of Excellence Programme. The schools provide the scholarships based on their desire for talented sports players. The extra mentoring, life skills and academic support from the program allows the children to adapt smoothly and contentedly from township primary school to their new top level high school.

Once at high school, United Through Sport South Africa continues to support the children with individual needs such as food, transport and extra tuition as well as schooling fees and uniform.

These children are expected to ‘give back’ to the community by assisting in United Through Sport holiday programs during school holidays.

With Camp South Africa, you really do help to make a real difference.

For more information on this, email

Costs & Dates


The prices below are for our standard 5 week Sports Coaching/Teaching programme.

Stage 1: Apply!

Your first step towards the experience of a lifetime. Create an application by clicking 'Apply Now' the dates you would like to join us.

Once submitted, your application will be screened by the team at HQ and, if suitable, you will be contacted to discuss your application further.

Stage 2: Secure Your Place! - £49

After your short call with the team, we would then love to invite you to Secure Your Place.

All you have to do is pay your £49 Deposit. You can do that by clicking HERE

Stage 3: Make Payment - £450

This amount is due 12 weeks after your deposit payment.

Stage 4: Make Your Final Payment - £500

This amount is due 8 weeks before your departure to Camp.

The prices below are for our 5 week programme, however most applicants join us for 12 weeks. This ensures you get the very best out of the programme. 

To join us for longer than 5 weeks, simply add £150 to the programme cost for each additional week. 

Deposit – £49 (non-refundable)

Stage Two – £450

Final Amount – £500

Total Programme cost: £999

For full information on what your programme fee covers, CLICK HERE

Additional Costs

+£48.86 CRB check

Medical Form (Your GP may charge you for completion)


Insurance (Click HERE to purchase)

NB: These prices are also available in Aussie dollars. Just drop us an email!


Join the Camp South Africa family and receive all of the below;

  • Airport pick up and transfers
  • 3 meals a day, 7 days a week
  • Accommodation throughout your stay (complete with WiFi and other amenities)
  • Shared House with a Swimming Pool
  • Full Orientation in South Africa
  • Pre-departure and 24/7 in-Country support from our supported charity
  • Coaching equipment – feel free to bring your own too!
  • A Camp South Africa goody bag (with a branded t-shirt, whistle, lanyard and sports bag!)
  • 2 FREE Group Excursions, which may include (depending on date of travel) a visit to a local safari park, day trip to Jeffreys Bay, day trip to Bloukrans / Storms River, Boat trip on Sundays River.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Camp South Africa programme fee does not include your flights to or from South Africa. We do work with “Flight Partners” and you can expect a call from them shortly after you have paid your programme deposit. They will then help you to book your flights, ensuring you arrive at the correct place on the correct date. Don’t forget your travel insurance!

You will be staying in a house share with your new best friends. It is a single sex, shared room of around 4-6. Each room is equipped with lockers, drawers and shelves as well as lockable doors. There are a few single/double rooms which can be requested for an additional cost. The luxury accommodation also has two mini kitchens, a dining room, communal area, Sky TV, a table tennis, a BBQ area and your very own swimming pool!

Yes! You will get 3 meals a day provided which is included in the programme cost. There are also lots of restaurants close by in Port Elizabeth if you fancy going out for dinner.

South African rand is the currency that is used in South Africa. You should be able to get this at your local currency exchange.

There is a washing machine on site at the accommodation which can be used for R10 per wash and we can also provide a laundry service for a little extra cost. Applicant bedding will be washed once a week.

Yes! You get evenings and weekends for all of your free time. You can use this time to head off camp and do lots of different activities and exploring of the local area.

Certainly! With so many amazing places in South Africa we encourage this! You can travel on your own or maybe some of the other applicants you meet will also want to travel.

We recommend around £80-£100 per week spending money. This is usually spent on weekend activities and souvenir shopping as the meals and accommodation are covered in the programme fees.

Definitely! You will be making friends from the moment you land in Port Elizabeth, friends you will keep for life after sharing such an amazing experience.

You will receive a packing list as part of the ‘Pre-Departure pack’ you will be sent prior to leaving for camp but here’s just a few items we recommend taking; Bum bag, Sun cream, Sports wear, A padlock A camera to capture all your amazing experiences You will also want to bring your own towel and washcloth as only bed linens are provided at camp.

The choice is yours, whether you love the traveller look with a backpack and bumbag or like to keep it simple with a pull along suitcase as long as it can fit all your new purchases and souvenirs for the way home it will work!

You will not need any vaccinations for camp in Port Elizabeth but do check with your doctor, at least 6 weeks before your departure date, to make sure your jabs are up to date. If you are travelling around South Africa after camp is over you may need some vaccinations depending on where you go. Unfortunately we are not able to advise you on this, as we are not medical experts, so please check with your GP.

Passport: A full passport valid for the duration of your stay is required. Please check that you still have at least 6 months left in your passport from the time you arrive in South Africa Visa: For visitors from most Western countries that are arriving in South Africa by air and are staying for 90 days or less, no visa is normally required.

Yes, travel insurance is a programme requirement. You can purchase it now with our recommended provider by clicking HERE

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