Camp Maldives

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3 Weeks


Jun - Oct

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About Camp Maldives



The safe and secure way to travel and explore the Islands of the Indian Ocean

Get involved with projects that will help you develop new skills

Gain personal development

Help out a thriving and growing community

Improve the credentials on your CV/Resume

Make friends with other camp participants from the UK and Rest of the World

It’s the best experience you will have

The ultimate Maldives adventure available to the market


Imagine waking up on a remote Indian ocean island, with the white sands around you and the sky reflecting off of the calm ocean… you enjoy a fruit-rich breakfast before wading through the tropical, colourful towns in Hoadedhoo. Soon after, you will arrive at your camp project. You will spend a few hours three or four days a week running workshops with young adults and playing games with them before returning back to your guesthouse where the rest of the day is yours to do as you wish.


Take a step back and enjoy a change of pace in the Maldives. Experience a tranquil way of life for three weeks that combines light, rewarding project work with the ultimate exotic escape.


Most of the Camp Maldives applicants are solo-travellers. People looking for that opportunity to put life back home on pause and take some time for themselves. This is best achieved through our programme that allows people to undertake really rewarding workshops in still-developing areas whilst allowing plenty of free-time to be enjoyed however you please.


We strongly encourage all our participants to really get stuck into the work they’re doing within the Maldives. It’s genuinely such a rewarding project and the young adults that partake in the workshops become so devoted to our Camp Maldives participants because of how grateful they’re someone like YOU wants to spend time with them. Usually at the end of the programme they celebrate and indoctrinate our participants as official islanders!


Programme Overview

Camp Maldives runs year round on a 3-week period, so whether you want to escape the winter cold or take a summer break, we’re waiting for you. Subject to availability you can sign up to any of our intakes here. If you fancy extending your island stay, that’s not a problem; just let our experts know when you make your application or give us a call.



After arriving at your Camp Location; we will help you to settle in by providing you with a fully comprehensive orientation covering all aspects of the Maldives and your project. You will learn about the community, culture and the local area to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible. This will be followed by an orientation bringing you up to speed on the workshops you will undertake over your time on the island. You will learn where the young adults are up to in the current development and where you will be able to assist further.



Immediately make a positive impact on these peoples lives on your first day in the Maldives. Taking park in workshops to assist in developing general skills and education is such a rewarding cultural experience that you’ll certainly never forget.


The Maldives is blessed by its unique location within the heart of the Indian Ocean. It’s also tormented by the consistency of debris, rubbish and junk that washes up on its beaches year-round. It takes true pioneers and conservationists to dedicate their time to keep these picturesque beaches in pristine condition – not just so they remain in the beautiful condition but also so that the wildlife does not suffer as a result.

Part of the week will also consist of conserving the Mangrove Forests within the islands. The reforestation programme ensures that the population density of the wildlife within the island does not drop and that the eco-system remains stable for years to come. It’s the best opportunity to delve into the unknown parts of the island and do some real exploring!



Project work will take place for 3 – 4 days straight with a minimum of 5 hours being expected. Outside of this, there is free time to do as you wish or get involved with the below activities that can take place at any time throughout your time on the island.

Airport Meet & Greet + Transfer

You will arrive in Male International Airport before meeting our Camp Maldives team in the terminal who will give you a tradition Maldives greeting and transfer you to your new home for the next three weeks: Hoadedhoo. 


To round off your orientation, we will give you a complete tour of the island! This consists of being shown all the hotspots for the best cuisine as well as the best beaches to go to visit and top up your tan!


The workshops begins the day after your orientation so you are immersed straightaway within the island life.  Immerse yourself in the local community and help in beach clean ups. 

Snorkelling And Fishing

The hundreds of atolls that are the Maldives is formed of the carbonate-rich rocks submerged beneath the warm waters surrounding the shores. Not only are these responsible for the beautiful white beaches but they are also a foundation of diverse sea-life. Amongst the corals, some of the most magnificent fish can be found; native only to the Maldives.   

 Return Transfer

It’s going to be hard to leave this majestic paradise, we know that… so if you need to take a few more days here absorbing as much of it as possible we understand. Just let us know in advance when you are planning to return and we will arrange your return transport to the airport in Male ensuring you have no reason to concern yourself with planning after a month away…

Want to see what Camp Maldives is really like?  Check out our Gallery.




DBS (Criminal background check completed by Camp Maldives)

Valid passport with a minimum of 6 months left from departure date

Enthusiastic, friendly individual, ideally good children and excited for a new experience!

Costs & Dates

Camp Maldives

All intakes for Camp Maldives are £1499
inc £99 deposit,

14th June - 4th July 2018

5th July - 25th July 2018

26th July - 15th August 2018

16th August - 5th September 2018

6th September - 26th September 2018

Additional Costs

£48.86 DBS Check Medical Form (Your GP may charge you for completion) Any additional tours or EP elective you wish to join Flights and Insurance Transport/Accommodation For Pre-Departure Orientation Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be situated on the second largest natural atoll within the Maldives: Huvadhoo; the part of the island is called Hoadedhoo Bit of a mouthful to say at once! It’s going to be tropical island living for the next three weeks and the amenities on the island are basic, so ensure you bring all your essentials!

Absolutely! Our camps draw a variety of people from different backgrounds, but all share a love of travelling, exploring and learning – which means you’ll always meet likeminded people!

You are required to be over 18 at the start of the program and have a valid passport for at least 6 months.

Yes you can! You can live in the same accommodation and join the volunteer program together.

Our lovely team will be there to meet you, before transferring you to your accommodation.

Male, Maldives

As a foreign citizen you can apply for a tourist VISA upon arrival at the airport; this will last for the duration of the programme.

Yes, you will need a full passport valid for at least 6 months.

Our guests stay in traditional apartment dorms; sharing with other camp participants of the same sex. The rooms are comfy and have all the essential amenities.

The Maldives has a modern telecommunication system and there are two different mobile telecom companies operating in TheMaldives. Wireless internet or Wi Fi is available at many locations, however on the island it is only available in the NGO office. Note movies and music cannot be downloaded. You can purchase a local sim data package on the island for around 25-30USD which will cover you for the month. You can purchase top up cards on the island. Make sure you bring a mobile phone that is unblocked so it will accept the local SIM card.

Absolutely – we have high standards and want to ensure our camp participants are at as little risk as possible when away with us. The Maldives is largely unaffected by crime on the smaller islands where you will be based as there are less tourists.

On the smaller islands, away from Male the essential items are not expensive. If you are looking for the home comforts or any imported produce, you are likely to only find them on Male and they will be costly. For food and snacks we recommend around $15-$20 USD per day.

We do recommend getting health insurance yes. Once your place is secured our flight partners can help you get this organised.

There are no compulsory vaccinations for the Maldives, but we always recommend you visit your local GP 12 weeks ahead of travelling for up to date advice.

Yes, we offer plenty of post-camp travel. Being in the Maldives, you are in the perfect spot to move forwards to South Asia after your time is over in the Maldives.

You will get an extensive amount of time off; with the programme courses varying between 3 – 4 days a week. A large amount of your time outside of the English programme will consist of other activities such as night fishing or sporting events.

There’s no need to pack a coat or jumper; however the islands are largely Islamic and it is courteous to ensure your shoulders are covered at all times. Additionally it is advisable that skirts, long dresses/shorts fall below the knee. The programme also requires you to wear trousers whilst teaching. Other suggestions include bringing a mosquito net, snorkelling equipment and a camera!

The volunteer house has a kitchen so you will be able to tailor your meals to your needs.

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