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Ballet of Change
London After Hours
Tuesday 11th November // jameswatts

The majority of major cities across the world still continue to operate after hours, if you look in the right places. London is no different with a lot of their entertainment hubs operating into the early hours of the morning…

Travel Health Tips
Wednesday 22nd October // jameswatts

When travelling you may well find yourself victim to insect bites, sun burn and an upset stomach from time to time. However, you can reduce the risk of traveller’s diarrhoea, illness and disease when travelling, by following some of these…

Wednesday 22nd October // jameswatts

From stepping off the plane, being hit by the Malawian heat. Seeing the children waiting in the airport with a sign for me, to the exuberant colours of an African sites indulges the senses. The rusty brown earth. The breath-taking…

A Sunday in Madrid
Friday 23rd May // emilybeasley

  Being Spanish but not Madrilena, I always dreamt of visiting Madrid and my dream finally became a reality on my 17th birthday (that’s when I took my first trip to Madrid.) One stay was enough, it was love at first…

Travel Preparation
Wednesday 30th April // emilybeasley

  Travelling is certainly not for everyone. Some people are raring to get out into the big wide world, others like the idea but are unsure it will be for them and there are others who will always stay in…