About Invasion

Invasion Camp Group is dedicated to the planning and execution of fun-filled life experiences in iconic locations.

Founded in 2008 by University friends Lee McAteer and Nick Steiert, Invasion Camp Group offers services ranging from travel, recruitment, promotions, holidays and charity and has morphed into a global organisation with a presence in every major continent.

Whether we’re dipping into ‘Dam, bustling through Budapest or partying in Prague, we strive to provide incredible trips for our Invaders, maintaining a brand identity synonymous with quality, innovation and value for money.

While each brand is empowered to run their own business activities individually, all work collaboratively to fulfil mutual goals and ambitions; our strong-willed, dedicated team of employees exhibit creativity, passion, leadership, vision and a driving personality in their relentless pursuit to transform pipedreams into a tangible reality.

Invasion believes in the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, which stands for ‘continual improvement’; as our brands continue to evolve, we don’t underestimate the importance of continually adapting, to ensure that we’re at the forefront of the market.

Working from our unorthodox HQ, an inspiring backdrop inundated with movie memorabilia and nods to contemporary pop-culture, employees are encouraged to harvest their creativity in our bid to supplement existing success stories; take the virtual tour of our offices below!